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Norway Trip

                                       August 2007   

07.08.07  Tirsdag

Alf is on his way!!  He has arrived in Michigan and is now waiting to head to the airport and fly to us!  Hurrah!!  I am so ready to have a hubby and a father for my children.  This has been a great experience, but in the aspect of being a single mom, I am glad that part is over!  Now the real fun starts of trying to pack all the stuff we have accumulated in this little apartment...where did it all come from?????

We had a great day yesterday in that it was absolutely great weather here in Bergen!  Bridget and I decided right away in the morning to head downtown, and we figured out we would go to the Sjøbad, which is a swimming area that is all sea water!  There were two pools, one with a depth of probably 4 ft, and one with a depth of maybe a foot at the middle for little swimmers. We spent most of the time in the 'Kiddie Pool' so that the kids could play and we didn't have to worry as much about them getting into trouble.  It was also perfect for Lukas to sit in as well.  Both pools lie next to the sea, and they have a diving board and jump platform for jumping into the sea water.  The sea water was 14.5 degree C, which is 58 degree F.  The swimming pool was 27 degrees C, or 80 degrees F.  And the weather was in the 20's C, and 80's F.  I think all the kids had a great time, although my people were not used to the salty taste while they were swimming!  Bridget and I both jumped into the sea, and even Elisabeth got brave enough to try it with me...Karoline stuck one toe in and said 'forget it!'  The best part: sitting there while the kids played and watching the cruise ships coming into port just a couple hundred yards away...closest enough that we could wave at each other! 

  My girls in the salt water; Elisabeth floating face down!; Karoline and William soaking in the sun; Bridget and her boys; the Kiddie Pool by the sea; temps of the water and air; cruise ships coming into port; Elisabeth trying out the sea water; Bridget coming up for air!!

06.08.07  Mondag   

The final countdown...just over a week and we are leaving...it's going to be much harder than I thought it would be.  I think Alf is right...I got bit by the Bergen bug!!I think I even prefer the rains over the super hot days of Rapid City.  On the hottest day it hasn't touched but maybe in the 80's, I would guess...and always there is a wonderful breeze coming in from the sea!  I just love it here.  But the plane leaves next Wednesday, and I will be on it. Alf arrives this Wednesday, and is right now, as I write this, driving the motorhome across Minnesota to Michigan to catch the plane out of Detroit.  We will fly from Bergen to Amsterdam, to Düsseldorf, Germany for a 21 hour lay-over, and then on to Detroit.  We will visit as many as we can before we get on the road to head back to Rapid City.  Then it's back to the 'real' life...

My dad came last week, and although we didn't have much sun, we made the best of it.  Besides what I wrote in July, we also went on a day trip called 'Norway in a Nutshell,' which takes you up into the mountains by train, through the fjords by boat, and by bus up one of the steepest roads in Norway.  We had a bit of rain, but mostly clouds, and the sun managed to peek out a few times as well.  We also visited a church just northwest of Bergen that actually came from North Dakota.  Apparently it was built by Norwegian immigrants and a group of volunteers traveled to N.D. from Norway to tear it apart and bring back.  It is now reassambled in Radøy as a visiter center, as well as four or five other old buildings that were found in the heart of the midwest, where Norwegians immigrants settled in large concentrations.  My dad's visit ended on Saturday and we were all a little bummed to see him go.  We hope he had a great time and appreciates Norway a little more than when he came!!

Norway in a Nutshell!!

Norheimsund in the Hardanger area...this is the waterfall you can walk behind. My dad worried he would be soaked by the falls...the rain did that job for him!

A day in Bergen; pizza in Bryggen; Haakon's Hall, the old fortress; ICE CREAM!!!; group pics and Maria church

  At the church brought over from North Dakota; I love the jailbirds!!; the curator had a S.D. flag and he thought I would LOVE to have my picture taken with it...Bridget kept whispering that I am a Michigan girl at heart!!