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Norway Trip

  December 2006           

There is only one entry here, since we didn't have the computer set up on-line, and things were crazy with getting into the apartment, Christmas, and Alf leaving.   

18.12.06  Day 5

We are in the apartment, and there is so much STUFF in here, you can෡lk without stepping over suitcases, garbage bags of clothes, and toys!  Visualize it:  I moved from my 2500 square foot house, to a 450 square foot apartment.  The rhetorical question repeats itself联 WAS I THINKING???  We are in process of setting up our new life here in Norway, such as meeting the barne hauge (daycare) teachers, signing me up for the Norwegian language, and registering with the government that we are actually here.  And, if all of that isn८ough, it Christmas, and we are packing up everything of my sister-in-laws that we really don஥ed.  Very, very busy!  But, we are all pretty excited too!  Believe it or not, Alf and I had to wear our SUNGLASSES this morning to drive!  It has rained, or precipitated everyday, but we have seen glimpses of blue sky and the sun a couple of times.  Already I am sounding Norwegian when I am counting the times that I have seen the sun, and discussing it!  Oy! 

I did drive to downtown Bergen today, with a manual transmission.  Not too bad.  I have to get used to jumping into traffic.  There is no politeness when in a carﵠeither go, or be driven over.  Norwegians certainly know where there horns are!  Funny story:  we were downtown today to get some the paperwork stuff done, and it started rain駠surprise.  So while were in the big shopping center for a quick hot dog (wienerp㥩, I spotted children൭brellas, and let each girl pick one out, which of course turned out to be pink Barbie, and they were so excited!  They were jumping up and down and telling me that they were hoping it would rain so they could use their new paraply (umbrellas.)  Mind you, in rains 300 days a year.  The people in the store were laughing and I had to explain we were from the States.  As if that wasn௢vious! 

Tomorrow we head off for more paperwork, and probably to find a bed for Miss Karoline.  And, getting our new little home more livable!